National Associates / Coordinators - who are they?

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Arina Cretu
National Associates / Coordinators - who are they?

This is a topic for the national associates/coordinators to shortly present themselves and leave some contact information, in case any members (especially the ones from the same country) of the community would like to discuss something.

I am the national associate from Moldova. I work with Terre des hommes Moldova since May 2013, as the Communication and Information Coordinator. I do not have formal or practical education/training in child protection, but I learned a lot from the team here in Moldova and from the online resources such as ours. One of the most interesting parts of my activity is the organisation of raising awareness campaign for children and parents. I'm generally very fond of new technologies and believe in their great contribution to the education and information of the population (and specifically professionals, if referring to our Hub).

If anybody has questions or some suggestions, difficulties related to this website and would like to contact me personally (instead of writing on the forum or using other options on the Hub), my email is

Vesna Katalinic
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National associate - Croatia

Hello, my name is Vesna Katalinic and I am national associate for Croatia.

I am social worker and I work in NGO Brave Phone for some time now. I have skills and knowladge in direct work with children and families. I have been coordinating team of 150 volunteers and coordinating two progams of Brave Phone (Counseling helplines and preventive program in local community - Children House Borovje). I have education in Play therapy for children and I am in the process of Gestalt therapy. 

I have been communicating a lot with institution for child welfare and if you have any question do not hesistate to contact me on my e-mail

Judit Németh-Almasi
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Coordinator - Hungary

Dear All, I am introducing myself as well. I sit with Tdh Regional office in Budapest and I am doing the overall coordination of the project - and at the same time I am trying to make sure we also have content in Hungarian on the website! I have been working with Tdh since 2008 as project manager of different projects, I have a background in project management, development, human rights based development and training. Over the years of working with Tdh I have been gradually introduced to the online world and have acquired a lot of experience how to manage websites - which we did with 'Child Protection in Europe'. I am very happy to be part of this amazing initiative and to work with such great colleagues as you! I can be reached at

Valbona Carcani-Mane
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Associate Albania

Dear Arina, Thanks for creating this dedicated space to associates intoduction; great idea!

I am the RRC associate for Albania. Have joined Tdh Albania for this possition in February 2015 (almost three months ago). I hold a BA in Psychology (awarded in 2000) and a MSc in International Development. In 16 years of work I have been lucky to have experienced many dimentions of working with voulnerable and marginilized groups of population from councelling, case management, to research, monitoring and evaluation and further on systems' and structures' support and advocacy. Such expereince has enreached both my profesional and personal life. 

I find RRC initiative and chidhub another great way to contribute in the social welfare area in Albania. The online interactivity and usage of new technology is pretty challenging for me but at the same time very exiting. I sencirely am in love with this intiatieve :) and believe strongly in its mission!  For anyone who'd like to reach me here is my email address:



Kushtrim Islami
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National Associate - Kosovo

Hi, My name is Kushtrim and I am working as a National Associate for Kosovo. I joined Tdh three months ago, starting at the beginning of February. I was fortunate to work with different international and local organizations who operate/d in Kosovo during more than a decade. I was engaged mainly in civil society sector. My experience is related to project coordination/ management, capacity building and human resource management and I hold an MA degree on Knowledge Management. Overall I can describe my professional background as an interesting pathway and a challenge experienced in a country in transition.

For me the RRC initiative is a great opportunity to participate while being a part of the larger team covering the region and I believe this is a chance to broaden the communication lines between countries through sharing experiences.

For anyone interested to reach me here is my email:

Tanja Mrkalj
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RRC associate for Serbia

Dear All, I am the RRC associate for Serbia.

I am a sociologist and I am working for CSO - Center for Youth Integration (CYI). In the last fifteen years, I had an opportunity to work for various local civil society organizations as well as international organizations, and to gain knowledge and experience in the field of child protection, education of children, Human rights, working with vulnerable groups, project management, monitoring and evaluation. I finished many trainings and educations in the field of human rights protection and in the field of psychosocial work with children.

I believe in this great initiative, and I am very happy to be part of it. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me, my e-mail is

Arina Cretu
Thank you all for responding

Thank you all for responding :) It's great to know more about you, dear colleagues! 

Alen Zaimovic
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Dear all, I am RRC associate for Bosnia and Herzegovina

I am social worker and working for Save the Children North West Balkans. My areas of interest and engagement to date have enabled me to work on topics such as peace building, human rights, and project cycle management (PCM). I have worked for different organizations, given an opportunity to constantly enhance my knowledge-base and to work with people from different backgrounds and within different culture settings. I believe that RRC is great opportunity to connect with other colleagues around the region and to learn constantly. Also, I believe that we are pioneers in setting environment where children and their protection will be finally recognized as separate department within national systems of protection, and where professionals will use this platform to improve knowledge and skills on daily basis.

For any questions, initatives, partnerships, concerns, etc. you can write me at      

Beatrice Spears...
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Gohar Saab
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