Prevention and causes of the phenomenon of children in the street

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Prevention and causes of the phenomenon of children in the street

What prevention programs exist in your country to avoid having hcildren in street situation? What are the main causes for children ending up on the street? 


Arina Cretu
I have identified these

I have identified these training manuals on working with children in street situations. It is from 2007, developed for EveryChild Kyrgyzstan, but there is a lot of useful information.

The 3 training manuals are:

1. Core knowledge, approaches and training techniques

2. Prevention of street migration

3. Outreach, drop-in centre work and family reunification - this can go also in the topic related to services - 

Arina Cretu
Save the Children from

Save the Children from Romania has a recent study, from 2014. One of the study's aims was to develop a description of the social profile of street children. The study, in Romanian, is available here:

Arina Cretu
OHCHR also has an interesting

OHCHR also has an interesting report on protection and promotion of the rights of children working and/or living on the street

Available here:

Dragana Vuckovic
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Global Network of Street Children's organizations

Consortium for Street Children, they are based in UK. Center for youth Integration is a member of this Network as well, great resources, documents, research etc

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Regional Network for Street Involved Children

This regional Network is gathering NGOs working with street involved children from Serbia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia.

More info:


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Regional Research on prevalence of street children phenomenon in

This research was done last year, here is the link:


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Program of education - prevention program of CYI

Program of education

Program of education is a prevention program of Centar for Youth Integration and it is organized with a goal to include “children at risk” in the educational system in early age, as a measure of support and prevention of children getting involved in life and/or work on the streets. Children included in the Program are living in informal settlements (slums). The majority of them are facing extreme poverty, discrimination and exclusion from regular life of the community and support systems.

Program of education is organizing daily support to preschoolers in order for them to be regular at the preschool program. Also, Program is supporting first graders from informal settlements by organizing weekend education sessions and by helping them with their school obligations.

Multidisciplinary expert team is providing support to the children and their families when it comes to fulfillment of their rights. Beside them, Program is engaging the community by including volunteers – members of the community as outreach workers, but also health, social welfare, educational institutions and respective local government institutions and corporate sector in the Network of support for children from informal settlements.

Program is operating 7 days per week thus there is a possibility for volunteers and future professionals to engage depending on their other obligations.

Since 2010, with this Program, we have supported more than 300 children from informal settlements.

Here is a video about our Program:

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Here are some resources from

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