survey: child representation in protection proceedings

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Thomas Rawlings
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survey: child representation in protection proceedings

My name is Tom Rawlings, and I am pursuing a masters’ degree at Oxford in International Human Rights Law.  My dissertation is focused on the right of the child under the CRC to representation in child protection proceedings, and Professor Jaap Doek is my supervisor.

As part of my dissertation, I am trying to compile information on existing policies, laws, and programs around the world that provide legal or other assistance to child victims who are involved in child protection proceedings, both judicial and administrative.

I am hoping to collect information on organizaitons that provide legal representation for abused and neglected children who are involved in child protection proceedigns, whether in an administrative body or children's court.  I'm also interested in organizations that are providing other types of assistance to these children during the proceedings, through a social worker, spsychologist, or other person trained to aid and advise the child..  I would be interested in knowing more about your programs, the types of cases in which you intervene, and the successes and obstacles you have seen.  I am especially interested in determining how the various laws that permit or require legal aid for children in protection proceedings are working in practice.

Also, I have created a simple web-based survey to collect information on legal (and similar) assistance being provided to these victims.  I would greatly appreciate any help you might give me in circulating the survey among your colleagues so that I can hear from a wide variety of organizations that are providing this kind of assistance.

The survey can be accessed at

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