[Europe] European States urged to improve protection and support of child refugees and migrants


In its latest report UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) urges the European states to take measures to protect child refugees arriving in the Mediterranean region, mostly in Greece. According to the report in this year approximately 12.900 underaged immigrants have arrived to the country. However many reception centers are overcrowded and unsanitary. Additionally, children have to face many other challenges when they arrive to the continent. For instance, they are often detained and a number of times are registered as adults when they cross the borders. It makes them more stressful and exposed, which may lead to disappearing.

UNHCR requests other European states to show solidarity and help the kids to get proper treatment. “These children may have fled conflict, lost family members, been away from home for months, even years, with some enduring horrific abuses during their journeys, but their suffering doesn’t stop at the border” states Pascale Moreau, the Director of UNHCR’s Europe Bureau. It should be guaranteed as soon as possible these kids receive education, appointed social workers and suitable placement when they arrive to Europe.

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