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20 Feb 2018
"Support for social infrastructure, health and education" (SHINE), a project that aims to support social, health and education services by implementing infrastructure investments in 37 localities (communes and towns) in Bacău County, at... Read more
14 Feb 2018
National Network for Children announced that, according to Deputy Minister Rositsa Dimitrova, it is planned to increase the investment in training of staff for the centers for children. This information will be included in the updated... Read more
14 Feb 2018
National Children's Network informed of the launch of the AMBER Alert - Missing Child system, which will have the function of sending missing children information to the Facebook social network where the information will be shared rapidly.... Read more
13 Feb 2018
Opening Doors campaign website announced new facts in the area of child protection reform in 16 European countries in 2017 - "the de-institutionalization process continues, but efforts continue to be made in Europe." The latest... Read more



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Involving the most vulnerable children in child protection policy making - advantages and challenges (CHILDHUB WEBINAR)

Would you say an approach that enables citizens as rights holders to demand their rights and empowers them to influence the quality, efficiency and accountability of public services is effective for child protection? Do you agree child participation has an added value for child protection? Would having the most vulnerable children heard in shaping the local child protection mechanism make the mechanism more effective?


The Journey from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction: Addressing Burnout With an Emphasis on the Self in Self-Care (CHILDHUB WEBINAR)

Due to our relentlessly fast paced society and the many responsibilities we each carry, it is no wonder that  so many of us feel anxious and on intense “overload.”  This hour webinar will focus on the major psychological causes of burnout and how it differs from depression, stressing the interactive loop between our personal, professional, physical and social Selves.


Changing children’s views on gender stereotypes (Childhub webinar)

About the webinar:

Stereotypes are present in all spheres of modern life. Often we are so used to them, that we do not even consider them as stereotypes, including statements  that only girls wear pink for example, or that men don`t cry, and those who do are not "real" man. We are exposed to stereotypes since early age throughout our life, and they are pasted from one generation to another.


Handbook: Procedural Rights of Children Suspected or Accused in Criminal Proceedings in the EU

The Handbook for Legal Practitioners has been developed based on the findings of the Regional Comparative Report which had the aim to identify common issues, trends and examples of good practice and their transferability to other EU Member States. The purpose of this handbook is to help criminal justice practitioners ensure that cases involving foreign child suspects are dealt with in accordance with European legislation as enshrined in EU Directives and the Council of Europe Childfriendly Justice Guidelines. It is in essence aimed at applying the principles and tenets of


From a Whisper to a Shout: A Call to End Violence Towards Children in Alternative Care (Child Hub Summary)

Working with researchers from the University of Bedfordshire, SOS Children’s Village have produced an extensive report exposing the prevalence of violence towards children in alternative care settings in 21 different countries around the world. The report offers practical recommendations to governments, care providers and other stakeholders for the protection of children from violence in these situations.


Experience of working in children's homes in Croatia - conversation with an educator from Children Home Zagreb

In the past few years we have witnessed a process of de-institutionalization, which is carried out in order to ensure better treatment of children in institutions, as well as better working conditions for employees. We often hear a variety of information about the work of the institutions for children, both positive and negative. We believe that there are variety of great experts who dedicate their life for this work and we find  it important to present their individual stories.



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