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22 Sep 2017
Last week, a 16 year old boy was murdered by his peer in Kosovo. Coalition of NGOs on Child Protection - KOMF appeals to all bodies and institutions at central and local levels for more security and care for all children. Each child should enjoy the... Read more
19 Sep 2017
Reuters reports that "more than 40 million people were trapped as slaves last year in forced labor and forced marriages, according to the first joint effort by key anti-slavery groups to estimate the number of victims worldwide of the... Read more
18 Sep 2017
Support is provided by the project "Protection of Children's Rights in Kosovo" funded by the EU Office in Kosovo. The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection - KOMF provides funding for seven local organizations that will be supported... Read more
14 Sep 2017
On 3rd September and 4th September, 2017, a seminar on "Prevention of the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth from Residential Services" was held in Pomorie, Bulgaria. Participants were 27 children and young people from the Center... Read more



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Handbook: Procedural Rights of Children Suspected or Accused in Criminal Proceedings in the EU


The Handbook for Legal Practitioners has been developed based on the findings of the Regional Comparative Report which had the aim to identify common issues, trends and examples of good practice and their transferability to other EU Member States. The purpose of this handbook is to help criminal justice practitioners ensure that cases involving foreign child suspects are dealt with in accordance with European legislation as enshrined in EU Directives and the Council of Europe Childfriendly Justice Guidelines. It is in essence aimed at applying the principles and tenets of

From a Whisper to a Shout: A Call to End Violence Towards Children in Alternative Care (Child Hub Summary)


Working with researchers from the University of Bedfordshire, SOS Children’s Village have produced an extensive report exposing the prevalence of violence towards children in alternative care settings in 21 different countries around the world. The report offers practical recommendations to governments, care providers and other stakeholders for the protection of children from violence in these situations.

Experience of working in children's homes in Croatia - conversation with an educator from Children Home Zagreb


In the past few years we have witnessed a process of de-institutionalization, which is carried out in order to ensure better treatment of children in institutions, as well as better working conditions for employees. We often hear a variety of information about the work of the institutions for children, both positive and negative. We believe that there are variety of great experts who dedicate their life for this work and we find  it important to present their individual stories.

Europe/migration: Five-country police agreement exacerbates crisis and puts vulnerable migrants at risk -- Zeid


On Thursday, the UN Human Rights High Commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, expressed serious concern at security measures adopted at a recent meeting of the heads of police of five European countries, which are already having a negative impact on the human rights of refugees and migrants in southern and central Europe, and are compounding the already exceptionally difficult situation in Greece.  “In the wake of the adoption of these measures last week, the treatment of refugees and migrants moving through some of these countries already appears to have changed, with seriously negative impli

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