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30 Mar 2020
The Network of Children's Organizations of Serbia wants to find out how a pandemic of a virus corona affects children. Your answers will help us find out what you think is most important to children at the moment, how you feel and what you care... Read more
27 Mar 2020
  The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action has developed the Technical note for the CP during COVID - 19 in order to support child protection workers in their efforts to respond to CP under these unusual circumstances. It... Read more
25 Mar 2020
Children infected by COVID-19 are likely to only have mild symptoms. Nonetheless this crisis is having, and will continue to have, an enormous impact on their lives. The challenges of staying home are compounded for children... Read more
25 Mar 2020
Many social workers will experience limitations in providing help and services during this pandemic. Because of this, addressing the ‘need complex’ becomes an even more important topic than usually. Elizabeth Clark describes the ‘... Read more



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