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We offer web-based seminars on different subjects, led by renowned professionals and academics. Below you will find information of the upcoming webinars. You can either join live webinars (and then you can ask questions!) or listen to the recordings of the past ones.

Webinar on Case Management Best Practices
13 Feb 2018
About the webinar:
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Families and Children, Experiencing Separation of Parents {ChildHub Webinar in Bulgarian}
19 Jan 2018
Lecturer: Borislava Mecheva, family therapist and supervisor
About the webinar:  This webinar is designed for professionals who consult children and families in social welfare and a mental health context, as well as for parents. Objectives:
Playdate Boot Camp for Anxious Kids and Their Parents
16 Jan 2018
Lecturer: Rachelle Theise, PsyD
About the webinar:
Changing children’s views on gender stereotypes (Childhub webinar)
16 Jan 2018
Lecturer: Octombrina Moraru, Child Protection Specialist,Terre des hommes Moldova, Anatolii Oprea, Child Protection Specialist, Terre des hommes Moldova
About the webinar:
Do the parents recognize the genuine feelings of the children? What is hidden behind the child’s anger, aggression and tantrum? (Webinar in Bulgarian)
20 Dec 2017
Lecturer: Valentina Dimitrova, family therapist, Krastina Totkova, family therapist
About the webinar: The webinar is designed for specialists, parents and students. It aims to:
Child Sex Trafficking Webinar Series: Moving Forward After Victimization: Helping Victims to Survive Thrive
14 Dec 2017
Lecturer: Kacey Baine, Prevention Program Coordinator, Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children
About the webinar:
Realising Children’s Rights – embedding child rights in the daily practice of care professionals (CHILDHUB WEBINAR)
12 Dec 2017
Lecturer: Julia Kovalenko, Advocacy and Child rights Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages Estonia, Krešimir Makvić, National Advocacy Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages Croatia, Florence Treyvaud Nemtzov, International Project Manager, SOS Children’s Villages International
About the webinar:
Presentation of the research "I'm not gay mom, I'm a mom" - The parenthood of LGB people in Croatia
11 Dec 2017
Lecturer: Sanda Tolić, mag.psych
The lecture will present the research "I'm not a gay mom, I am a mum" - The parenthood of LGB people in Croatia, which was also the first research in Croatia on this topic. 
Listening to the voices of young people in sports organisations: challenges and solutions
07 Dec 2017
About the webinar: This webinar explores the ways that National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and sports organisations can include and promote the views of young people throughout their work, from club to national level.
Child Sex Trafficking Webinar Series: The Medical Evaluation of Victims of Child Sex Trafficking
06 Dec 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, Child Abuse Physician, Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children
About the webinar:
Empowering young people to speak out about bullying
16 Nov 2017
About the webinar: Supporting this year’s Anti-bullying Week (13-17 November), the NSPCC and CPSU are providing a webinar that focuses on the theme of 'All different, all equal'.
How to do research with adolescents living in low- and middle-income countries
16 Nov 2017
Lecturer: Dr. John Santelli, Professor, Population and Family Health, Columbia University, Mailman School of P, Dr. Nikola Balvin, Knowledge Management Specialist, Office of Research-Innocenti, Moderator: Maria Brindlmayer, Senior KM Specialist, YouthPower Learning.
All in the Family: Recruiting, Engaging and Supporting Kin
15 Nov 2017
Lecturer: Judge Michael Nash, Director of Los Angeles County’s Office of Child Protection, Tiffany Collins, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Jennifer Lopez, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Jay Kadash, Second Chance, Inc., Stacy Johnson, Second Chance, Inc., Yakiciwey Mitchell, Second Chance, Inc.
About the webinar:
Legal Protections and Forensic Considerations for Immigrant and Refugee Child Victims
08 Nov 2017
Lecturer: Giselle A. Hass, Psy.D., ABAP, Leslye Orloff, Adjunct Professor & Director of the National Immigrant Women's Advocacy Project
About the webinar:
Child Sex Trafficking Webinar Series: Supply and Demand: The Roles of Traffickers, Buyers, and Gangs In CSEC
07 Nov 2017
Lecturer: Kacey Baine, Prevention Program Coordinator, Stephanie V. Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children
About the webinar:
Born to Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks, and How We Can Keep Them Safe
07 Nov 2017
Lecturer: Jess P. Shatkin, MD, MPH
About the webinar:
Can we talk about sexual abuse of children in a common language? [ChildHub webinar in Bulgarian]
02 Nov 2017
Lecturer: Ekaterina Veleva, Yana Katsarova, PhD
Let's talk about sexual violence against children and its consequences. About children's right to participate.
Alternative Care in Albania [ChildHub Webinar in Albanian]
30 Oct 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Anila Sulstarova
The next online webinar in Albanian is dedicated to alternative care in Albania, a topic particularly important for professionals in the social field, and specifically those involved with in child protection.
Understanding the relationship between children’s rights and the environment (ChildHub Webinar)
26 Oct 2017
Lecturer: Jonas Schubert, Child Rights Officer Terre des Hommes
The webinar aims to enhance understanding of the relationship between children’s rights and the environment and provides an overview of the latest developments in an emerging field of international children’s righ
Resilience: from Research to Practice
25 Oct 2017
`Resilience: from Research to Practice` is the second learning panel organized within the Building with Bamboo project.
29 Sep 2017
About the webinar: PROMISE project is proud to invite you for the PROMISE webinar.The webinar will:
Digital Violence against Children: Forms, Prevention and Protection (ChildHub webinar in Serbian)
26 Sep 2017
Lecturer: Aleksandra Asha Vidanovic
The webinar will cover the topics of negligence, violence and abuse of children on the internet, the most common types of violence, consequences on children and families, and how to deal with this.
Family focused interventions for refugee children in the urban context (ChildHub Webinar)
21 Sep 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Nancy Baron, Founder and Director of the Psycho-Social Services and Training Institute
The urban context offers unique opportunities and miseries for refugee children.
Designing Child and Family-Friendly Spaces for Recovery from Trauma
13 Sep 2017
Lecturer: Ileen Henderson, trauma expert
About the webinar:
An Unbearable Reality - The impact of war and displacement on children's mental health in Iraq
22 Aug 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Marcia Brophy, Save the Children International, Eileen McCarthy, Save the Children in Iraq
About the webinar:
Human Trafficking Can Affect Vulnerable Populations: Those With Disabilities
10 Aug 2017
Lecturer: Iona Rudisill, LGSW
About the webinar:
Aid Worker Wellbeing: The Duty to Care
03 Aug 2017
Lecturer: Lynne Cripe, Director of Resilience Services at The KonTerra Group, Olivier Nyssens, Stress and Resilience Adviser at ICRC
About the webinar:
Work with Children Who Present with Abusive Sexual Behaviour: A Prevention Strategy
20 Jul 2017
Lecturer: Joan van Niekerk
As part of the International Webinar Series, Joan van Niekerk presents on: Work with children who present with abusive sexual behaviour: A prevention strategy.
(Webinar in Albanian) Putting in Practice the Best Interest of the Child!
12 Jul 2017
Lecturer: Florian Bejleri
The organisation of this webinar in Albanian language follows a wide consultation process with proffessionals of the welfare field regarding the themes of their interest.
I Think, Therefore I Can’t: Helping Your Child Build Resiliency and Grit
27 Jun 2017
Lecturer: Paul Sullivan, MS
About the webinar:
19 Jun 2017
Lecturer: Ana Dumitrașcu, psychologist clinician, Ana Theodorescu, trainer/supervisor in clinical psychology and psychotherapist, Gușatu Magdalena, student in the IX class, Constantin Andrei, student in the IX class
This webinar takes place at 10.00h CET (11.00h EET) and it is held in Romanian language.  About the webinar:
Digital Storytelling Webinar
15 Jun 2017
Lecturer: Amy Hill, Co-founder, Silence Speaks
On June 15, 11:00 Pacific Daylight Time, Amy Hill, co-founder of Silence Speaks, will give a webinar talk regarding the theoretical foundation, strategies, and impacts of work conducted by Silence Speaks, with teenage survivors of
Measuring Separation in Emergencies: Piloting Innovative Methods in Humanitarian Settings
02 Jun 2017
Lecturer: Beth Rubenstein, Senior Research Associate with the CPC Network, Matt MacFarlane, Senior Research Associate for the Child Protection in Crisis Learning Network
About the webinar:
Measuring Separation in Emergencies: Piloting Innovative Methods in Humanitarian Settings
02 Jun 2017
Lecturer: Beth Rubenstein and Matt MacFarlane
Be sure to mark Friday, June 2, 2017, 10am on your calendar for an interesting webinar conducted by CPC Learning Network's Beth Rubenstein and Matt MacFarlane! 
Psychosocial support for children on the move: art as a way of expression [ChildHub Webinar]
30 May 2017
Lecturer: Faustine Douillard, Child protection project manager, Terre des hommes, Ira Dika, Cinematographer, Stavroula Anthiropoulou, Comic book artist
This webinar is adressed to all the actors providing psychosocial support and life skills activities to children and youth.
How and why to offer guardianship and alternative care to unaccompanied minors [Experience of Nidos, the Netherlands]
22 May 2017
Lecturer: Tin Verstegen, director of Nidos Foundation
About the webinar:
2nd Webinar on the Initiative on Child Rights in the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration
11 May 2017
Lecturer: Mike Dottridge, Consultant on human rights and children rights, Jacqueline Bhabha, Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health
About the webinar:
Teaching About Contemporary Antisemitism
09 May 2017
This webinar focuses on new materials that Facing History and Ourselves has developed on contemporary antisemitism.
How Natural Outdoor Classrooms Can Help Address Behavioral Challenges and Support Children's Well-Being
26 Apr 2017
Lecturer: Tina Reeble, Nature education expert
About the webinar:
Destination Unknown campaign and the Initiative on Child rights in the global compacts
20 Apr 2017
Lecturer: Vincent Tournecuillert, Regional Migration Programme Manager - Europe, Terre des Hommes, Amy Hong, Research and Policy Officer, Terre des Hommes
About the webinar: This is a joint webinar with the Destination Unknown Campaign and Terre des Hommes on child rights within the UN Global Compacts.
Conscience exodus in social welfare
31 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Gabriel PRICINĂ, Lecturer, University of Craiova, Faculty of Social Sciences
This webinar is open to all interested in the topic (e.g. social workers, general and deputy directors of Romanian DGASPCs (General Directions for Social Assistance and Child Protection) and not only).
Child Safeguarding in Emergencies
30 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Cat Carter, Mubarak Maman
Drawing on their experiences from Somalia to South Sudan to Sierra Leone, Mubarak Maman, Save the Children's Child Safeguarding Director and Cat Carter, Senior Child Safeguarding in Emergencies Advisor, will together talk on child safeguarding in
Speaking the same language on sexual violence and child exploitation [Webinar in Bulgarian]
30 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Ekaterina Veleva, Yana Katsarova
This webinar is designed for specialists, students and professionals who work with the issues of  sexual violence and child exploitation.
ISPCAN Webinar on Cyberbullying
23 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Bernard Gerbaka, ISPCAN President
Dr. Bernard Gerbaka is a Pediatrician, Chairman of the pediatric department, Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Emergencies, Hotel-Dieu hospital, Beirut, Lebanon.
Initiative on Child Rights in the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact on safe, orderly, and regular Migration
22 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Daniela Reale, Save the Children, Ignacio Packer, Terres des Hommes, Michele Klein Solomon, IOM’s Director of Migration Policy and Research Department, Ellen Hansen, Senior Policy Advisor, UNHCR
About the webinar:
Harmful sexual behaviour in sport
22 Mar 2017
Harmful or inappropriate sexual behaviour by young people in sport As parents and volunteers with young people, we all want to do the best we can to protect them, while giving them the freedom they need to develop towards adulthood.
World Social Work Day - Advocacy Tools to Raise the Profile of Social Workers Locally and Globally
16 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Ellen Minotti, Director, Social Services of Cambodia, Yanti Kusumawardhani, Education and Protection Specialist, Save the Children, Indonesia, Uga Pratama Gunawan, Professional Association of Social Work, Indonesia, Greg Wright, Public Relations Manager, National Association of Social Workers (NASW), United States, Nicole Brown, Communications Manager, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance
About the webinar:
Procedural rights of juveniles suspected or accused in criminal proceedings in the EU [ChildHub and Terre des hommes webinar]
08 Mar 2017
Lecturer: Nenad Matejić, Regional Project Coordinator, Terre des hommes Regional Office for Central and South, Asmita Naik, independent consultant specialised in child protection and migration-related issues
In 2015-2017 Terre des hommes run a project to ensure that foreign children who are accused or suspected of crimes in EU countries have access to a fair trial.
Webinar on UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty
28 Feb 2017
Lecturer: Manfred Nowak, Independent Expert, UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, Imma Guerras-Delgado, Advisor on Child Rights, OHCHR, Isabell Meenen, Advocacy Officer, Defence for Children International, Ben Lewis, Global Advocacy Coordinator, International Detention Coalition (IDC)
About the webinar:
Ensuring MHPSS for Gender-based Violence Survivors and Those at Risk: A Responsibility for Everyone in the Humanitarian Community
21 Feb 2017
Lecturer: Jeanne Ward, Expert on gender-based violence, Jessica Izquierdo, Public health practitioner
About the webinar: MHPSS network is organizing a webinar on integrating Gender-based violence interventons in humanitarian settings.
Virtual meeting of Resource People: Planning Phase 2 of ChildHub
26 Jan 2017
Are you part of your country's Resource Person's group? Then we are welcoming you to join us at this online consultation about the future of ChildHub.
Back to Basics and Moving Beyond: A Prevention Approach to Sexual and Domestic Violence
25 Jan 2017
This web conference serves as a foundation and is recommended for new prevention practitioners. It is a repeat of sessions that have been done in previous years.
Establishing organization practice/operation based on the rights of the child/Specific approaches, webinar in Serbian
25 Jan 2017
Lecturer: Jelena Zunic - Cicvarić, Magistra of didactic and methodical sciences
The webinar will be dedicated to the concept of the Rights of the Child, its understanding and its application in everyday work of organizations and individuals who work with children.
Ethical Considerations for the Collection, Analysis, & Publication of Child Maltreatment Data
24 Jan 2017
Lecturer: Dr. Lil Tonmyr, Dr. Carrie Smith
This webinar will be led by Drs. Lil Tonmyr and Carrie Smith in a presentation of findings from two studies. The first study reflect the effort that has been made to measure child maltreatment from youth at the population level and worldwide.
Prevention and reduction of delinquent behaviour of children and adolescents from risk groups [ChildHub webinar]
16 Dec 2016
Lecturer: Mihaela Sasarman, President of Association Transcena, Romania, Andrei Chiscu, Clinical psychologist, Save the Children Romania
About the webinar:
It’s Time to End Child Immigration Detention
16 Dec 2016
Lecturer: Mr. François Crépeau, UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Ms. Mariane Quintão, Youth Ambassador, Global Campaign to End Child Immigration Detention, Mr. Roland Adjovi, Chair, UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, Mr. Pablo Ceriani, Vice-Chair, UN Committee on Migrant Workers, Mr. Kerry Neal, Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF, Ms. Michele Levoy, Director, Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM)
About the webinar:
Methods and techniques in prevention of child separation [Webinar in Romanian]
13 Dec 2016
Lecturer: Dr. Emilia Maria Sorescu - lector universitar Universitatea din Craiova
An alarming situation is represented by the annual increase in number of the abused and neglected children, the drop out rate, the number of children abandoned in hospitals, children left behind, with parents left to work abroad, children constrai
Discussing Sexuality with Young People [ChildHub webinar]
08 Dec 2016
Lecturer: Dr. Szilvia Gyurko, Ivet Pieper
When young people have access to information and adults are able to have meaningful conversations with them, then a strong basis is in place for young people to participate actively.
Working with children and their caregivers: common challenges and their solutions [ChildHub webinar]
02 Dec 2016
Lecturer: Denitza Bantchevska, Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Science
About the webinar:
Sharing good practices on working with refugee and migrant children [ChildHub Webinar]
23 Nov 2016
Lecturer: Vahida Hujzerović, Slovene Philanthropy, Slovenia, Elena Vilarova Velkovska, National Officer in Child Protection in Emergency, UNICEF FYROM, Marina Uzelac, Project Manager at Slovene Philanthropy, Slovenia
During the implementation of the project “Developing capacities and providing support to frontline workers assisting refugees and migrant children in South Eastern Europe” participants underlined the importance of the experience and knowledge shar
Child trafficking - connecting the risk indicators to identify victims
17 Nov 2016
Lecturer: Swati Pande
      "Community Care" are producing a free, one hour, webinar with Swati Pande, the assistant manager of the NSPCC Child Trafficking Advice Centre.
Empowering young people to speak out about bullying
17 Nov 2016
Supporting this year's Anti-Bullying Week the NSPCC and CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit) are providing a webinar that focuses on the theme ‘Power for Good’.
Building the Evidence Base for Social Service Workforce Strengthening
09 Nov 2016
Lecturer: Jini L. Roby, Professor, School of Social Work, Brigham Young University
About the webinar:
Safeguarding, journalists and film makers
20 Oct 2016
Lecturer: Elisa Buccolini, Vincent Tournecuillert
Elisa Buccolini, Communication Coordinator at Terre des Hommes (TDH), together with Vincent Tournecuillert, Destination Unknown Campaign Coordinator, will present the Guidance for Journalists developed in the framework of the Children Win campaign
Equal parenting, violence prevention, and corporal punishment
14 Oct 2016
Lecturer: Elizabeth Gershoff, Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Joan Durrant, Psychologist and Professor at the University of Manitoba, Sonia Vohito,Coordinator of the Africa Project of The Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment
MenCare will host a webinar on equal parenting, violence prevention, and corporal punishment. There is a substantial body of research showing that corporal punishment of children increases the risk of broad and enduring negative developmental outc
Sustaining Early Childhood Development Impacts
13 Oct 2016
Lecturer: Laura Rawlings, Jeffery Tanner
CPC Learning Network will be hosting a webinar with Laura Rawlings and Jeffery Tanner from the World Bank discussing "Sustaining Early Childhood Development Impacts" on Thursday, October 13 from 12-1:30pm EDT.
The SUMMIT Project experience on disappearances of unaccompanied children in Europe [ChildHub webinar]
13 Oct 2016
Lecturer: Federica Toscano, Missing Children Europe, Rebecca O’Donnell, co-founder of Child Circle
About the webinar:
Promoting positive parenting in sport
07 Oct 2016
How parents can help children enjoy participating in sport and perform to the best of their ability  
Child Protection in EU internal and external affairs - Guide to advocacy actions [ChildHub webinar]
06 Oct 2016
Lecturer: Olivia Lind Haldorsson and Rebecca O’Donnell, Child Circle
This webinar will be of great help and interest to those who want to, or are in the process of developing a strategy for EU advocacy on child protection.
Welcome to the Playground! Interactive and artistic tools to work with children and adults [ChildHub webinar]
21 Sep 2016
Lecturer: Katja Bizjak, trainer and coach
When we work with people we often need to be very creative how to get and keep their attention, involvement and cooperation.
How can a European Pillar of Social Rights help to progress children's Rights across Europe?
15 Sep 2016
Eurochild will be facilitating a series of webinars in September to gather your views and national perspectives on the European Commission proposals for a European Pillar of Social Rights.
Finding the Evidence for Evidence-Based Practice: Using the Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO) [Webinar]
28 Jul 2016
Lecturer: Muriel Wells, MA, MLIS, Digital Information Librarian
The National Children's Advocacy Center has created a new and easy to use Child Abuse Library Online (CALiO).
Listening to young people - what worries them about sport
26 Jul 2016
Listening to young people – what worries them about sport
Managing Child Safeguarding Allegations [Webinar]
06 Jul 2016
Lecturer: Alex Dressler, Head of Capacity Building at Keeping Children Safe
Alex Dressler, Head of Capacity Building at Keeping Children Safe will introduce their new child safeguarding guidance.
MenCare Webinar: Men and Equality in Unpaid Care
30 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed, Institute of Development Studies, Nikki van der Gaag, Gender consultant, author, and Promundo Senior Fellow
In no country in the world are men doing as much childcare or domestic work as women are. Globally, women are spending more than twice as much time as men on unpaid care work.
Social Norms and Violence Prevention
24 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Alina Potts, Research and Evaluation Specialist, Beniamino Cislaghi, Lecturer in Social Norms
How can social norms theory inform violence prevention work?   
Offenders on the Move - A Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism
22 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Dr. Mark Capaldi, Ms. Dorine van der Keur
On 12 May 2016 the Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism report was launched after two years of research, resulting in the largest information bank ever collected on the issue.
Evolving Methods for an Expanding Field: Global Research with Children and Families in Adversity
21 Jun 2016
CPC Learning Network Biennial Meeting Livestreaming 
Making safe spaces to talk about unsafe relationships
15 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Dr Camille Warrington, Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre
About the webinar 'Making safe spaces to talk about unsafe relationships: Risks, ethics and safety when working in partnership with young people affected by sexual violence':
Telling a different story of migration
09 Jun 2016
On June 9th, 2016, the Europe Chapter of the Migration and Development Civil Society (MADE) network will host a webinar on the important role of civil society and other non-State actors (including NGOs, diaspora and migrant-led organisations, acad
My Destination App: online tool to collect testimonies of children on the move [Childhub webinar]
08 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Elisa Buccolini – Destination Unknown Campaign Communication Coordinator
MyDestination App is a child-friendly tool designed for children on the move to visualize their stories on a world map.
Working with children and young people affected by sexual violence in the UK [ChildHub Webinar]
06 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Dr. Kate D’Arcy, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bedfordshire
About the webinar:
Supporting community-based organisations to safeguard children
06 Jun 2016
Lecturer: Jane Travis
Jane Travis, Programme Manager at Viva will present Viva's work with city based networks in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
Eurochild Webinar- Proposed indexation of child benefits across the EU in the context of the UK EU referendum ('Brexit')
27 May 2016
Eurochild members webinar on the proposed indexation of child benefits across the EU in the context of the UK EU referendum ('Brexit') will be taking place this Friday May 27.
Protection and Treatment of Children and Juveniles in Criminal Proceedings
19 May 2016
Lecturer: Prof dr Elmedin Muratbegović
Save the Children in partnership with Criminal Policy Research Centre developed workflow posters for professionals who are directly involved in work with juvenile offenders according to regulations stipulated within existing laws on the protection
How to make the most of information management in coordination?
16 May 2016
Effective Information management (IM) aims to make accurate, relevant information available to decision-makers in an accessible format. As such, IM is a key function of the humanitarian coordination architecture (clusters, ICC and HCTs).
The potential for interventions designed to prevent violence against women to reduce children's exposure to violence
29 Apr 2016
Lecturer: Dr. Nambusi Kyegombe
Dr. Nambusi Kyegombe will present on her research exploring the co-occurance of Intimate partner violence (IPV) and child maltreatment in households.
Conducting ethical research involving children
21 Apr 2016
Lecturer: Dr. Nambusi Kyegombe
Clear well-considered ethical guidelines are crucial when carrying out research involving children, especially on sensitive topics such as violence.  Clear guidance is important for minimising the risk of potential harm and ensuring that any risks
Refugee and Migrant Crisis - German Experience (Childhub Webinar)
12 Apr 2016
Lecturer: Nadja Potthast, Social worker in the youth support system and Angehört founding member, Henning J. Bahr, LL.M, Lawyer
After the refugee crisis emerged in Europe, Germany was one of the countries that accepted a significant number of refugees.
Online tools for rights based advocates [ChildHub webinar]
07 Apr 2016
Lecturer: Claudia Pedersen, Regional Project Manager, World Vision Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Off
Internet provides different opportunities advocates can use to increase their impact and achieve stated goals.
The sexual exploitation of boys from Eastern Europe [ChildHub webinar]
29 Mar 2016
Lecturer: Michelle Asbill, PhD Student, School of Social Work at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Viktoria Sebhelyi, Researcher
Although not a new phenomenon, research from international and European based non-governmental organizations points to an increase in the percentage of sexually exploited boys.  While the research base remains limited, findings indicate that boys
Mapping of the social service workforce across South East Europe: education context, needs and opportunities for professional development [ChildHub webinar]
25 Mar 2016
Lecturer: Bree Akesson, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
This webinar will present the results from a multi-country mapping of the social service workforce across eight countries in southeast Europe, conducted by Child Protection Hub.
Presentation of Play therapy [ChildHub webinar]
02 Mar 2016
Lecturer: Tea Knežević, psychologist, Centar Proventus
Play and creative techniques are becoming increasingly common in working with children in a variety of environments. More and more experts implement play in their approach to working with children.
Autism awareness: an introduction [ChildHub webinar]
12 Feb 2016
Lecturer: Irene Stevens, CELCIS, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, Maja Cepanec, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Services, Zagreb, Croatia
According to recent research into autism rates, it has emerged that autism affects around 1 in 100 people.
Identifying child victims of trafficking in the context of the current migration flows [Recording of the ChildHub webinar with Europol]
02 Feb 2016
Lecturer: Brian Donald, Head of Office of the Director, Europol, Elena-Loredana Dobleaga, Lead analyst, Europol
Trafficking in human beings is a serious crime and an abuse of an individual’s fundamental rights and dignity.
Regional discussion about capacity building [ChildHub webinar]
29 Jan 2016
The purpose of the first regional, virtual meeting of ChildHub Resource People is to present the findings of the mapping of social service workforce in the region, and based on the findings, discuss and plan local trainings of social workers by th
[Recording of a ChildHub Webinar] Emotional health of social workers
13 Jan 2016
Lecturer: Natalie-Ann McCauley
The most common knowledge is that people in the profession of helping others can only do so if they first take care of themselves. Yet all too often social workers ignore the tell-tale signs of emotional stress, or burnout.
Talk Migrant Rights [Webinar]
18 Dec 2015
Lecturer: Mr. François Crépeau
On International Migrant Rights Day, December 18, a webinar discussion will be led by UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Mr. François Crépeau.
Psychological First Aid [ChildHub webinar]
17 Dec 2015
Lecturer: Marion Prats, Terre des hommes
Terre des hommes and its partners seek to provide migrant and refugee children and families protection and support 24/7 through recreational activities, emergency counseling and health promotion activities.
De-institutionalization and inclusion of parents: lessons from Bulgaria and Romania [ChildHub webinar]
10 Dec 2015
Lecturer: Mariana Arnautu, World Vision, Romania, Emilia Sorescu, associate professor at the University of Craiova, Romania, Galina Markova, lecturer, Know-How Centre for the Alternative Care of Children, Bulgaria
The de-institutionalization process means major reforms in child protection that consists of the transformation of the existing residential institutions for children into community based services.
Migration crisis in Europe: exchange of experience with Jordanian and Lebanese social workers [ChildHub webinar]
02 Dec 2015
Five team members of Terre des hommes in Jordan and Lebanon will present the NGO's response to the Syrian crisis in the Middle East.
Young people's views on their role in sexual violence prevention efforts
18 Nov 2015
Lecturer: Claire Cody
The webinar will take place on the 18th November at 11am UK time to mark the first European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse.
Measuring Impact Qualitatively
29 Oct 2015
Lecturer: Susan Pietrzyk with contributions from Reeti Hobson, Lwendo Moonzwe, and Debra Prosnitz
Join a webinar on preliminary findings from a MEASURE Evaluation research study entitled Measuring Impact Qualitatively. The one-hour webinar will take place Thursday, October 29, at 10:00 AM EDT.
Involving marginalised young people in preventing sexual exploitation
28 Oct 2015
Lecturer: Ms. Marina Kutsak, Dr. Olga Kolpakova
During the webinar Stellit, an NGO based in St Petersburg Russia, will share their experience of supporting the Youth Volunteer Movement, that involve students from institutional care or who come from socially and economically disadvantaged famili
Building skills for leadership and consultancy: introduction to the upcoming Training (November)
23 Oct 2015
Lecturer: Irene Stevens and Ian Milligan
This webinar invites pre-selected participants of the ChildHub's "Training of Trainers" or those, who consider applying in the future.  The webinar provides a short glimpse of what participants can expect during the 2x3-day blocks.
Children and War: the Place of the War Past of the Parents in Their Children's Identity
15 Oct 2015
Lecturer: Kalina Yordanova, Aida Ganovic, Maja Alihodzic
Europe is now faced with the biggest refugee influx since the Second World War. Many of the refugees and migrants are going to settle in Europe and raise their children in the new European environment.
Measuring Separation in Emergencies
24 Sep 2015
The CPC Learning Network invites you to attend a webinar on measuring separation in emergencies  on Thursday, September 24, 2015 from 9am to 11am EDT (3-5pm CET).
Safer Internet for Children
17 Sep 2015
Lecturer: Lidija Kralj, editor of the portal, and professor of mathematics and computer sciences
Research conducted by Brave Phone and the Child Protection Centre of Zagreb on a sample of 1500 children, revealed that 93% of children have a Facebook profile.
Developing a Comparable Child Protection Index - the Experience of ChildPact
16 Sep 2015
Lecturer: Mirela Oprea, Andy Guth
  Last November we marked the twenty-five year anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ever wondered how we could measure the degree of implementation of the UNCRC?
Role of Civil Society In Assisting and Protecting Migrants Caught in Conflicts and Natural Disasters
09 Sep 2015
Lecturer: Representatives from the MICIC Initiative Working Group, civil society.
On September 9, 2015, the MICIC Initiative will host a global webinar on the role civil society plays in assisting and protecting migrants caught in countries experiencing conflicts or natural disasters. 
Measuring social norms
11 Aug 2015
Lecturer: Julian Barr, Emeka Nwankwo, Dr. Nancy Glass
This webinar discusses the Voices for Change programme's work on measuring social norms.
Engaging young people in online safety prevention projects: challenges and good practices from the Make-IT-Safe project in Belgium
30 Jul 2015
Lecturer: Ariane Couvreur, project manager for ECPAT Belgium
In this webinar Ariane Couvreur will introduce the Make-IT-Safe project in Belgium. The Make-IT-Safe project is a collaborative project between five ECPAT groups (Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium).
CPC Webinar: Making the Invisible Visible: Counting Children on the Streets in Malawi
23 Jul 2015
Lecturer: Joanna Wakia, Monitoring and Research Advisor at Retrak, and Charles Gwengwe, Executive Director at
The CPC Network is organising a webinar on the subject of assessing the number of children in street situation.
Webinar: Working with uncooperative families [ChildHub webinar]
09 Jul 2015
Lecturer: Stephanie Delaney
Working with families where there are child protection concerns is often difficult - but it is made especially challenging where either parents do not recognise that there is a problem, or deny that there is any cause for concern.
Justice for Children
30 Jun 2015
The topic of the webinar is Justice for children in humanitarian action, and speakers will include Frances Sheahan, Global Legal Expert on children in conflict with the law who has worked in many fragile states and Martin Nagler, Project Manager w
Introduction to Justice for Children
30 Jun 2015
Lecturer: Frances Sheahan, Global Legal Expert on children in conflict with the law;, Martin Nagler, Project Manager with the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR);, Kristen Hope, Tdh MENA Regional Child Protection Coordinator.
The Child Protection Minimum Standards Task Force, together with the International Bureau for Child Rights, hosted a webinar on June 30, 2015 introduci
Family Violence - Working Towards Solutions - Part 1
25 Jun 2015
Lecturer: John Koop Harder
Family violence occurs in every community and culture and has profound effects on every person it touches. Despite this ugly reality, there has been a lot of silence, shame and stigma around this issue creating many myths and misunderstandings.
UN Human Rights Council Review of Anti-Gypsyism - webcast
15 Jun 2015
Lecturer: Rita Izsák UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues
Rita Izsák, the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues, will present her study of the human rights situation for Romani people worldwide   before the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday, 15 June 2015.
Linking Child Focused Approaches to Preventing Sexual and Domestic Violence
11 Jun 2015
What can we learn from the latest research and innovative strategies honoring linkages between children’s exposure to child maltreatment, sexual abuse, community and domestic violence? How are these different forms of violence connected?
"We are speaking – are you ready to hear us?" The challenges of involving children meaningfully in protection interventions and policies [ChildHub webinar]
29 May 2015
Lecturer: Ms. Berina Ceribašić, Executive Director of the Bosnian NGO "NAŠA DJECA" and, Ms. Valbona Carcani, Terre des hommes Delegation in Albania
The Bosnian NGO "NAŠA DJECA"'s efforts to promote children participation has been supported by Save the Children for almost 10 years.
2015 Denver Thinking Space - Positive Parenting: Preventing Violence against Children
06 May 2015
Lecturer: Corporal Punishment in India: Current Status and Future Interventions to Support Positive Parenting
The World Report on Violence Against Children notes that “documentation of the magnitude of violence against children shows clearly that this is a very substantial and serious global problem” (Pinheiro 2006, p.
2015 Denver Thinking Space - Positive Parenting: Preventing Violence against Children
05 May 2015
Lecturer: Positive Parenting: Bonding and attachment: Core elements
The World Report on Violence Against Children notes that “documentation of the magnitude of violence against children shows clearly that this is a very substantial and serious global problem” (Pinheiro 2006, p.
Social norms: A pillar of child protection
23 Apr 2015
Lecturer: Dr. Najat Maalla M’jid
Date:Thu, Apr 23, 2015 Time:02:00 PM BST Duration:1 hour Meeting Description: What do we mean by social norms? How do social norms affect child protection?
April 10, 2014: Three Years of CPRA: Lessons from the Field
10 Apr 2015
Lecturer: Hani Mansourian
Hani Mansourian, a Research Associate of the CPC Learning Network, presented the findings from a review of the uses of the Child Protection Rapid Assessment (CPRA) tool in several field settings.
Positive Parenting, Preventing Violence Against Children
24 Mar 2015
IPSCAN's Denver Thinking Space will be virtual this year and will feature four free webinars on the topic "Positive Parenting: Preventing Violence Against Children" on March 24 and 25, 2015.
Engaging Most Vulnerable Children in Community-Based Child Protection System Strengthening
10 Mar 2015
On January 30, 2015, the CPC Learning Network and International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) co-hosted a webinar to share findings on how World Vision UK’s child protection program includes and impacts the most vulnerable chi
Attitudes Towards the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children & Youth in Poland
26 Feb 2015
Lecturer: Joanna Wlodarczyk and Dorota Zurkowska
In this webinar, Nobody’s Children Foundation discusses their recently completed study on attitudes and opinions of adults (15 years and older) in Poland on the commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth.
Basic Introduction into Webinars AND Case Discussion
11 Feb 2015
Lecturer: Stephanie Delaney, Judit Németh-Almási
The first webinar offered by the Child Protection Hub aims at bringing together the partners of the project in the eight countries to test and explore the webinar platform, understand how it works, what functionalities are available - so that coor
Engaging Most Vulnerable Children in Community-Based Child Protection Systems Strengthening: the Experience of World Vision in Hard-to-Measure Contexts
30 Jan 2015
Lecturer: Dr. Philip Cook, Director of the IICRD, Mike Wessells, Professor of Population and Family Health at the Mailman School of Public Health
The CPC Learning Network and the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) will be hosting a webinar on January 30th, 2015 at 10:30am EST/ 7:30am PST. Drs.
Engaging Most Vulnerable Children in Community Based Child Protection Systems Strengthening: The experience of World Vision
30 Jan 2015
Lecturer: Drs. Philip Cook, Director of the IICRD , Mike Wessells, Professor of Population and Family Health
The CPC Learning Network and the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) will be hosting a webinar on January 30th, 2015 at 10:30am EST/ 7:30am PST. Drs.
Integrating Early Childhood Development and Violence Prevention
10 Dec 2014
Lecturer: Cassie Landers
CPC Learning Network hosted a webinar to discuss the integration of early childhood development and violence prevention. In this webinar, faculty affiliate Dr.
Human Trafficking for the Sexual Exploitation of Roma Women
01 Dec 2014
Lecturer: Alexandra Geisler
This is the inaugural webinar of the new series hosted by the LINEA Network (Learning Initiative on Norms, Exploitation and Abuse), a project of the Gender Violence and Health Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Social Norms and Sexual Exploitation Abuse of Young People
26 Nov 2014
Lecturer: Dr. Lori Heise and Dr. Ana Maria Buller
The Gender Violence and Health Centre, with funding from the Oak Foundation and an anonymous donor, is studying social norms and other structural factors that might contribute to child sexual exploitation and abuse.
The Role of Local Government Staff in Coordinating and Overseeing Social Services
30 Jul 2014
Lecturer: Amy Bess, Coordinator of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, Grace Mayanja, the HIV/AIDS Alliance’s Chief of Party for the Uganda SUNRISE-OVC Project, Patience Ndlovu, Chief of Party/Country Director for World Education Inc./Bantwana Initiative, Jim McCaffery of CapacityPlus
This webinar explores the role of local government staff in coordinating and overseeing social services, focusing on two social service workforce and system strengthening projects in Uganda and Zimbabwe
We Don’t Report Because That’s a Family Affair
23 Apr 2014
Lecturer: Mike Wessells, Kathleen Kostelny, Ken Ondoro
The Interagency Learning Initiative on Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms and Child Protection Systems and the Community Child Protection Exchange presented a webinar with Mike Wessells, Kathleen Kostelny and Ken Ondoro to discuss recent
Social Workers and Compassion Fatigue Webinar
21 Apr 2014
This webinar addresses the occupational hazards that social workers face. It especially addresses burnout and compassion fatigue. It defines compassion fatigue and how to prevent it.
CPC Learning Network Webinar Participatory Action Research with Vulnerable Children and Youth
12 Feb 2014
Lecturer: Amy Ritterbusch
On February 19th, 2014, Amy Ritterbusch, Universidad de los Andes, and CPC’s PLG Coordinator for Colombia shared her experience conducting this participatory action research with street youth in Bogotá.
Promoting Gender Equality in Humanitarian Child Protection Responses
05 Feb 2014
This video gathers presentations and interviews on the promotion of gender equality in humanitarian child protection responses.
CPC Learning Network Webinar Community-Based Child Protection Mechanisms in Protracted Refugee Settings
01 Oct 2013
Lecturer: Mark Canavera, Associate Director of the CPC Learning Network, Alfred Stuart Mutiti, Child Protection and Psychosocial Specialist from UNICEF South Sudan
On October 1st, 2013, Mark Canavera, Associate Director of the CPC Learning Network, was joined by Alfred Stuart Mutiti, Child Protection and Psychosocial Specialist from UNICEF South Sudan on a webinar which highlighted the findings from the firs
Supporting the Social Service Workforce - Attracting and Retaining Workers in Underserved Areas
08 Aug 2013
Lecturer: Maury Mendenhall, Orphans and Vulnerable Children Senior Technical Advisor with USAID, Dr. Carmen Dolea of the Health Systems Policies and Workforce division of the WHO, Wanda Jaskiewicz, CapacityPlus Senior Team Leader at IntraHealth International
The webinar discusses tools for attracting and supporting the social service workforce in underserved areas.
How the Perspective of Fathers Contributes to Disproportionality: A Real Discussion
22 Apr 2013
Lecturer: Dr. Killo Brodie, California State University, Stanislaus and Natasha Paddock, Regional Director, Re
The purpose of this study was to exam barriers to father involvement, including institutional obstacles and gender bias (as the majority of child welfare workers are female).
Addressing Intimate Partner Violence: Approaches to Engaging Fathers in Child Welfare
28 Feb 2012
Lecturer: Fernando Mederos, Kathy Niedt, Joan Pennell
This is a recording of a webinar that introduced principles for developing child welfare practice approaches to engaging fathers, and reviewed results of an innovative service for fathers in the North Carolina child welfare system.

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