Conference on the "Еvidence Based Trauma Stabilization (EBTS). Stabilization of traumatized children among refugee, asylum seeking and immigrant families“ Project

Date of event: 
10 Apr 2019 - 9:30am to 12:30pm
Assoc. Prof. Nikola Atanasov
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamelia Hancheva
Assoc. Prof. Milena Mutafchieva, NBU
Stefan Flegelskamp, Germany
Reijo Kauppila, Finland
Ch. Prof. Dr. Ivo Popivanov, NBU
Assoc.Prof. Milena Mutafchieva (Moderator)
NBU along with the State Agency for Refugees of the Council of Ministers
New Bulgarian University, Corpus 1, 409 audience "Prof. Vasil Stoilov"
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Deadline for registration: 
10 Apr 2019

The conference on the project" Evidence Based Trauma Stabilization (EBTS). Two training programs for the stabilization of traumatized children among refugees, asylum seekers and immigrant families, funded by Erasmus + " will be held on 10th April at 09:30 in Corpus 1, 409 audience "Prof. Vasil Stoilov" at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria. Participants in the event will be lecturers and students from the NBU as well as psychologists from NGOs.

The event aims to present the results of the project, based on which an innovative program for working with mothers and children from refugee families was established in three countries - Bulgaria, Germany and Finland. The key lecturers will be psychologists and leading investigators of trauma. Associate Professor Milena Mutfchieva, who is part of the creators of the EBTS project together with lecturers Stefan Flegeskamp and Reijo Kauppila, will be the event's moderator.

Language(s) of materials: 
Bulgarian and English

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