[Austria] 'I Have Courage' Campaign Launched in Graz

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21 Jan 2020
The Mayor

The reduction of violence against children, which is one of the most serious problems in the world according to the WHO, is a main priority in Austria's human rights policy. The country has very strict rules about maltreatment

The city of Graz has well-developed child protection services that work in areas like physical, psychological and sexual violence. In 2020, a new program, 'I have courage' was initiated in Graz with the cooperation of the Office for Youth and Family, and the Department for Education and Integration of Graz. The main aim is to raise awareness about child protection.

At the heart of the project is the Mutmacher 'courage givers' campaign, which encourages children to talk about their problems and help families deal with them. The campaign also has a preventive function: parents can strengthen their parenting skills through seminars and training. The project emphasizes that raising a child is the responsibility of not only the parents, but of all of society, especially those people involved in the child’s everyday life.

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