Eurochild member from Ukraine Voices is looking for architects to build the centre near Kyiv.

Every year Voices of Children organises psychosocial and leisure camps for children who experienced war. Last summer they conducted psychological rehabilitation programmes for women with children who lost their husbands at war or experienced other traumatic events.

The foundation received funds from the Bandle for Ukraine initiative to build a rehabilitation centre for families near the Ukrainian capital. This will make it easier for Voices to run their programmes for families and also to educate specialists who work with children. However, the funds will not be enough to cover all the costs to build the centre which should be ready in about 2 years.

Voices is also looking for architects. For those interested the deadline for submitting tenders is 20/11/2023 by 12:00 to the email address (the subject of the letter is tender_concept of the project).

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Voices of Children Foundation to build a rehabilitation centre for children and families affected by the war


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