Lost in Migration: working together in protecting children from disappearance


Date of publication:  01 Feb 2017 Publisher:  Missing Children Europe

Coinciding with the informal Justice and Home Affairs Council, Missing Children Europe joined hands with the Maltese President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society to bring together key stakeholders concerned with the protection of migrant children’s rights across Europe between the 26-27 January. At the conference, 160 professionals took stock of the situation and the current challenges of this children rights crisis. Based on the discussions, research, expertise and recommendations put forward by stakeholders at the “Lost in migration” conference, including the findings of the SUMMIT report on missing migrant children, the conference developed forward looking operational and policy recommendations to policy makers. The endorsement and implementation of these recommendations is essential to improving the situation of migrant children in Europe and to offer them a fair chance for a better future. The conference also addressed the need for a comprehensive child protection approach to effectively prevent and respond to disappearance.

The conference conclusions, including 10 operational and policy recommendations and 7 cross-cutting recommendations on the overall policy framework, data and funding, are available here and open to endorsement from civil society, NGOs, international organisations, politicians and academics. If you want to endorse these recommendations, please inform us through this form. These recommendations will be sent to EU ministers on the 22 February.

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