We Are Here: A Child Participation Toolbox


Date of publication:  27 Jan 2020 Author:  Darren Bird Alice Hagger-Vaughan Luís Manuel Pinto Linda O’Toole Tinna Ros-Steinsdotti Mieke Schuurman#uid:7091 Publisher:  Eurochild and the Learning for Well-being Foundation Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The Toolbox builds on a children’s rights perspective to provide the tools needed to implement meaningful child participation in a variety of settings and to prepare children to play leading roles in participatory events. It builds on an understanding that participation can come in many forms, and through a variety of engaging activities helps prepare children for these different situations. Uniquely, this Toolbox also offers tools to help find meaningful ways for children and adults to work together

 Throughout the 6 modules, the user is guided on how to run sessions with children and adults on topics including participation, representation, facilitation and evaluation, whilst also giving explanations of different aspects of child participation. Activities in the Toolbox use a creative approach to help answer questions children might ask themselves as they prepare to play a role in a project and explain the important conditions for children to participate meaningfully and safely. It is a flexible and practical set of tools, aimed at guiding, inspiring and encouraging the user to implement meaningful child participation in a way that is tailored to them, their needs and their context.


  • Introduction
  • Participation chapter explains what we mean by child participation and how it takes place when children and adults are working together.
  • Module A: Us – Foundation of Partnership chapter contains activities for children and adults to understand each other’s roles in partnership, to create trust.
  • Module B: Me...as me This chapter offers activities to explore one’s own qualities, what inspires them, what they pay attention to and how that influences how they participate in the world.
  • Module C: Me, as Participant has activities to help children and adults prepare to participate in dialogues with other children and adults.
  • Module D: Me, as Representative contains activities to help children better represent groups of people, when they have to participate in an event on their behalf.
  • Module E: Me, as Facilitator is dedicated to helping children who take a lead in facilitating conversations between children and adults.
  • Module F: Us, Reflecting and Learning contains activities and tools that you can use during or at the end of all activities to help children and adults reflect on their experience.
  • Resources A list of publications and websites where you can find more activities and resources to help you feel prepared.
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