Ending Violence Against Children Requires a Strong Social Service Workforce

Date of webinar: 
27 Sep 2018
Start and finish time of webinar: 
3 pm CET-4.30 pm CET
Global Social Service Workforce Alliance
the Global Partnership to End Violence and UNICEF

Join the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, the Global Partnership to End Violence and UNICEF for a webinar on Thursday, September 27, to examine the important role of the social service workforce in achieving the seven strategies outlined in the INSPIRE package and the accompanying actions laid out in the recently released INSPIRE Implementation Handbook. To be held during Social Service Workforce Week, the webinar will also highlight the recently released Call to Action that includes national and global level actions for strengthening the social service workforce. Presenters from the Alliance, Global Partnership, UNICEF, and Pathfinder Countries of the Global Partnership will share initiatives underway and strategies for strengthening the workforce. 

Please see the link for details and registration.

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Jiyam Shrestha
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Thank you

I am also planning to take part the webinar. The subject is interesting I hope the discussion will  also 

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