Game People - Irregular Migration and Risks


Date of publication:  12 Dec 2019 Author:  Saman Ali Vještica Maja Dragojevic Publisher:  Crisis Response and Policy Centre Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This study, published by the Crisis Response and Policy Centre (Serbia), presents the outcome of the Migrant Vulnerability in Irregular Movement Project, supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration.

The publication consists of three major parts that provide information and analysis of the irregular migrants' risky journeys from countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, or Somalia, in an attempt to reach Western Europe mostly through the Western Balkan route.

The study begins with an overview of the irregular journey of various population groups, focusing on the reasons of their departure from the origin countries, interaction with human smugglers, journey routes and the risks and hardships faced by irregular migrants in host countries. The findings and observations are a result of the field work conducted by the Crisis Response and Policy Centre (CRPC).

The second part of the study puts forward the outcomes of two researches – focus group discussions and a questionnaire that were part of risk awareness workshops with unaccompanied and separated children and young people living in accommodation centers or various social protection institutions.

The publication concludes with a short dictionary of common smuggler slang phrases used by irregular migrants that assists in a better understanding of the bigger picture of the risky journeys they embark on.




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