Unaccompanied and Separated Children in Europe - Call to Action for 2017


Date of publication:  07 Jul 2017 Publisher:  reliefweb Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

The intensification of migrant flows has applied tremendous pressure on European nations and their borders.

Coinciding with this growing and perpetual pressure, are the horrific experiences endured by migrants en route or within Europe, where many endure various forms of violence and coerced illegalities. In addition to this, we note the implementation of inadequate protocols to address these issues, such as mass detention and institutional placements, all without necessary evaluation of the needs of these young individuals.

This report/guide identifies protocols which can ensure a necessary balance between the adequate protection of children while providing proper oversight of migrant flows.

The report prescribes eight (8) strategies and considerations:

  1. Establishment of "Child-friendly" protocols
  2. Adequate supervision of these youth by professional guardians
  3. Cultural comprehension
  4. Ensuring the implementation of protective measures while providing assistance toward these migrant youth and children
  5. Protection of youth and children through the involvement of migrant and host communities
  6. Participation and empowerment of migrant youth and children
  7. Establishment of long-term strategies
  8. The evaluation and consideration of the needs and regards of these youth
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