Your brain on art


Date of publication:  01 Jul 2017 Author:  International Arts + Mind Lab, Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Publisher:  International Child Art Foundation Publication type:  Newsletter / Review / Bulletin

ChildArt’s “Your Brain on Art” focuses on the intersection of the arts and brain research, describing projects involving children in schools as well as cross-cultural and community outreach. Divided in three sections, it introduces the concept of neuroaesthetics, emphasising the healing power of art and the impact of brain stimulation on its development. Targeting 10 to 14 year olds while also appealing to professionals and people of all ages, it contains useful activities, citations, and summaries in the sidebars as well as informative illustrations. In terms of art therapy programs, several initiatives are mentioned, including Save the Children’s HEART program which provides support for children aged 4-18 years affected by conflicts, disasters or other stressful events (page 8).

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