Human Trafficking Can Affect Vulnerable Populations: Those With Disabilities

Date of webinar: 
10 Aug 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
6am CET, 1pm CT
Iona Rudisill, LGSW
Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center

About the webinar:

Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy Center offers a webinar on human trafficking. Participants will learn how individuals with developmental disabilities are highly vulnerable to being trafficked and becoming prey to commercial exploitation. Participants will learn how to respond to youth who they suspect might be victimized and how a forensic interview could be conducted.  Information from case studies will be utilized.

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide the audience with an overview of human trafficking, including the economics of human trafficking and an understanding of what constitutes those with disabilities to the vulnerabilities of being trafficked.
  • To provide the audience with knowledge on how to respond to human trafficking as it relates to the developmentally disabled and cognitively impaired.
  • To provide the audience with an understanding of the process of the investigation and its collaborations, including tips on how a forensic interview should be conducted.

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About the Lecturer:

Iona Rudisill is a licensed graduate social worker and over the past 16 years has become an expert in forensic interviewing and its national and international protocols, where she has conducted over 3000 interviews. Iona served as the Lead Forensic Interviewer at Baltimore Child Abuse Center for over 5 years, where she co-developed interview scripts, including a script specific to Domestic Minors of Sexual Trafficking (DMST). As a member and certified trainer of the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force (MHTTF), Iona has delivered trainings within the state of Maryland on issues related to DMST. She has also presented specifically on DMST at several national conferences. Through her affiliation with MHTTF, Iona has co-authored a medical screening protocol and served on a 16-member work group that instituted guidelines for conducting forensic interviews with victims of DMST. Iona is presently the Program Operations Manager and Human Trafficking Program Manager at BCAC, where she is in the process of developing a program to enhance the Child Advocacy Centers response to Human Trafficking in Maryland. Iona was recently nominated and accepted the position as the Co-Chair of the MHTTF Victim Services Subcommittee. Iona is also a board member of Araminta Freedom Initiative, an anti-trafficking organization.

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