[Hungary] Setting back Hungary's age limit for compulsary education from 16 to 18 years old

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03 Nov 2019
Magyar Narancs

There are many Romani children in Hungary, who drop out of school at the age of 16. According to the law, this is when they are not bound to stay in school anymore.

A new initiative wants this law to be modified. Kids would then have to study until the age of 18 and like this, more Romanis would graduate from secondary school. They might have a better chance in the future, for example, they would get better jobs.

In 2012, the government thought it might be more efficient for some kids to leave school and go to work instead. This is when the age 16 became the official age to leave school legally. However, there are surveys, that show, that lots of children did not finish school because of this regulation and that it had a bad impact on the Romani society.

According to an activist, childrens' job is to stay in school and develop their skills. They should graduate and have a minimum of knowledge. They could become a skilled worker too, since vocational training could also offer good programs for young teenagers. Children would have a profession after they acquire a school certificate, in case they do not indent to study after secondary school. 



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