[Romania] Soon a safe house network will be built - psychological and legal counseling can be provided to victims of domestic violence

16 Jun 2019

The Hungarian language Romanian online portal quotes Andrea Csép MEP: "Building a network of safe houses is a huge step in getting the victims of domestic violence to get help and reach self-sufficiency in difficult times," and added that it would be important for local governments to create protected houses within the family victims of violence.

According to the draft program, victims will receive complex assistance, including housing assistance, legal, professional and reintegration assistance, but will also participate in support groups. The site of the protected house would be kept secret.

Criteria for admission into the program include:

- the victim has sought protection from the offender at least once in the 5 years prior to the request

- a restraining order has been in place for the abuser

- the victim should be registered with one of the social welfare institutions

- the victim has no independent income or qualifications

MEP Andrea Csép considers the building of a safe house network a good first step, but there is a need for similar services to be built by local governments, and added that the state should support better the sheltered houses run by NGOs. "These foundation centres should also be given greater attention not only to operate from foreign sources but also to be institutionalized, state-supported, safe homes," said Andrea Csép.

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