Psychosocial Activities for Teenagers Promoting Gender Equality and Violence Prevention


Date of publication:  10 Nov 2016 Publisher:  Terre des hommes

This workshop manual is dedicated specially but no limited to professional and young leaders that are engaged in activities with boys and young men of 12 years and older, to develop a set of skills and abilities with the main goal to decrease the violent and abusive behavior among young men and their peers and to promote a gender equal non-judgmental conduct.

Structure of the manual: The workshops presented in the manual are divided in 10 topics, each subject consisting from two parts, the active part - where is presented the main activities such as: games, group activities brainstorming etc. and theoretical part - for the animator.


  • The workshop activities are divided by following topics:
  • Gender Awareness. Understanding of Gender and Development
  • Sex and Gender or what is this thing called gender?
  • Masculinity. Notion of masculinity
  • Expressing emotions
  • Labeling
  • Power & Relationship
  • Violence
  • Understanding the cycle of violence
  • Healthy Relationship
  • Young Men’s Health
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