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Date of webinar: 
19 Jun 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
10.00h CET - 11.00h CET
Ana Dumitrașcu, psychologist clinician
Ana Theodorescu, trainer/supervisor in clinical psychology and psychotherapist
Gușatu Magdalena, student in the IX class
Constantin Andrei, student in the IX class
Terre des hommes Romania; DGASPC Sector 6 Bucuresti
Photo credit: Tdh

This webinar takes place at 10.00h CET (11.00h EET) and it is held in Romanian language. 

About the webinar:

Currently, we build our reality starting with the representations, beliefs, sometimes even the patterns of the grown-ups. Related to Children and Young People, the grown-ups create a relation, which it is many times unequal, putting themselves on an expert position and ignoring the creative potential and the originality of the youth vision. 

The Participation process aims to transform the classic model mentioned above, in one in which the grown-up and the Young person are equal partners of dialogue and development.

In order to be able to fight together against the phenomenon of Sexual Violence, we have first to have to bring together and have a common understanding of the youth perspective and of the conceptual clarifications. 

In this webinar, we will explore topics related to the best practices of approaching Young People in a participatory way and the prevention against any type of violence, especially Sexual Violence.  

·         Sexual Violence concept and its forms;

·         Understanding the concept of participation – the ladder of participation, working principles;

·         Illustration of a model of working, based on an open space of communication and participation;

·         The vision of the Young People experts and the presentation of the survey results made by them in two high schools from Bucharest;

·         Recommendations for a participative approach.

This webinar is organized as part of the LEAP project- Supporting children and young people affected by sexual violence in Europe by strengthening and facilitating participatory practice’ , project funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program of the European Commission. The project’s main aims are: to build the capacity of specialist support services to develop safe, ethical, participatory practice with young people affected by sexual violence; to empower and enable children and young people affected by sexual violence to develop knowledge, skills and capacities through a life skills and leadership program and through developing their own youth-led prevention activities.

Brief presentations of the speakers:

Ana Dumitrașcu is a psychologist clinician, psychotherapist and trainer, with 14 years of experience in child protection field; with 5 years of private practice; coordinator and initiator of different projects and programs based on participatory approach, dedicated to CYP beneficiaries of social services; She is a collaborator in activities and personal development projects for children and adults; not the last, she organized and delivered along the years, different vocational trainings.

Ana Theodorescu is a trainer, supervisor in clinical psychology and psychotherapist, with 17 years of experience in child protection field, 7 years of private clinical practice supervisor; she implemented and participated in projects based on a participatory approach on different topics (delinquency, abandon, development of life skills etc.) dedicated to young people and teenagers; Ana has experience in organization and delivery of personal development trainings for children, teenagers and adults.

Gușatu Magdalena is 16 years old and she is a student in the IX class. Magda is passionate by Art, Psychology and foreign languages. She was willing to take part as an Expert in the Local Advisory Committee of CYP from LEAP project, being motivated by the belief that informing YP related to the topic of Sexual Violence is very important. Magda is as well a volunteer in other projects as “A Gift from the Heart for a Smile” and “There is a Hero”. 

Constantin Andrei is 15 years old and he is student in the IX class. Andrei is passionate by films, music and appreciates always the time spent together with the friends and the family. As an Expert in the Local Advisory Committee of LEAP, he was motivated to get involved as he doesn’t like to see people as victims of abuses and appreciates that through this project, he will contribute to the decrease of the violence phenomenon in Romania. Andrei participated as a volunteer in the activities of “Synergies for the future” Foundation, activities focused on ecology and social support for vulnerable persons.

One of the favourite quotes of Andrei: “People found no other way to get to truth, only through mistake” (Nicolae Iorga).

The recording of the webinar is available here.

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