[European Union] Young People for the Future of Europe: Register Now for EYE2020

10 Jan 2020
European Parliament

The European Youth Event (EYE) is a two-day programme for young people (aged 16 to 30) who want to learn with others and share their views on many topics. Those who take part can actually make their voice heard; the best ideas raised will be discussed with parliamentary committees in the autumn.

This is the fourth time EYE has been organised since 2014. It will take place in Strasbourg on 29–30 May 2020, and its slogan is 'the future is now'. Registration closes on 29 February. Participation is free, except for transportation, accommodation and meals. (However, those interested may enter the Instagram photo contest to win an invitation to the EYE.)

Topics for discussion include:

  • Brexit
  • AI
  • climate change
  • digital addiction
  • education
  • LGBTI rights
  • migration, and more

The exact programme can be found here.

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