Supporting community-based organisations to safeguard children

Date of webinar: 
06 Jun 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
12:00 GMT
Jane Travis
Keeping Children Safe

Jane Travis, Programme Manager at Viva will present Viva's work with city based networks in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The majority of network members are local community faith based projects responding to the needs of children in their communities.   

This webinar looks at how to help those projects think about child safeguarding and put Keeping Children Safe standards in place. It also examines how once the network members have enhanced skills and are reaching good standards in their own organisations, they are in a position to work collaboratively around key protection concerns facing children in their localities. 
Jane has worked in international development for 20 years including seven living and working in Africa and India.

Learning points from the webinar include:

 1. An approach to capacity building small community based organisations without organisational systems and structures 
2. How supporting community based organisations in safeguarding can be facilitated through networks 
3. How network members can work collaboratively to address child protection concerns in their localities.  

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