Methods and techniques in prevention of child separation [Webinar in Romanian]

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Date of webinar: 
13 Dec 2016
Start and finish time of webinar: 
12.00 PM EET
Dr. Emilia Maria Sorescu - lector universitar Universitatea din Craiova

An alarming situation is represented by the annual increase in number of the abused and neglected children, the drop out rate, the number of children abandoned in hospitals, children left behind, with parents left to work abroad, children constrained to work themselves, to beg, and the list of sufferings and dangers to which children are exposed is much longer. All these endanger their harmonious development, access to education, health, integrity and even their lives, turning their childhood into a difficult period with a negative impact on their future.

To ensure the welfare and safety of children within the families from which they come, a constant preventive intervention from specialists is needed, whenever children need support to overcome sufferings, fears, losses, poverty and all the difficulties they face.

Aiming at supporting the local authorities, particularly the Public Services of Social Assistance in their efforts to prevent the risk situations and to protect children's rights, the National College of Social Workers in Romania, endorsed a set of training modules for social assistants. Thus, we will host a webinar which will briefly present the training modules to prevent separation of children from their families.

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