Movement, games, sport: 15) Magical hoop [Video]

Terre des hommes Ukraine
Date published: 
01 Feb 2019

9 years and older

This game is ideal for warming up body and mind in a playful way while working on collaboration.

Several hoops are necessary for this game, two to four depending on the size of the group. The players stand in a circle holding hands. The animator asks two of the players to let go of each others hand, puts a hoop between them and asks them to hold each others’ hand again. The hoop is hanging between the two players. He does the same with two other players. The aim is to pass the hoops from one player to the next without ever letting go of each others’ hands.This requires a strategy for getting the body through the hoop and passing it on to the next player as quickly and harmoniously as possible.

Progression: when the players have understood what to do, a larger group can play together and one jumping rope (tied with a knot in a loop) can be added. To make it more motivating the players must pass the ropes round in one direction and the hoops in the other, or any other creative idea.

Psychosocial: to work on cooperation and respect of others’ bodies while generating enthusiasm.
Physical: to develop coordination, dexterity and speed.

The animator should pay attention to the group dynamics in order to add more hoops or new ropes to bring in more challenge when the group’s motivation is decreasing for instance. Remind the players to help each other and find strategies to make it go faster by passing the hoops over the head or the feet first.
Challenge and cooperation can be integrated by asking the group how many rounds they can do in a set time.

-    What did you think of the close physical contact with others?
-    What was the best way to have the ropes and hoops moving fast?
-    Did you help your neighbours? How?
-    Etc.


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