Movement, games, sport: 11) Person to person [Video]

Terre des hommes Ukraine
Date published: 
29 Jan 2019

9 years and older

A short game where physical contact is present in a playful way. It can be played at the beginning of a session to break the ice or when the group already knows each other to strengthen relationships.

The players stand in a circle, in pairs, A and B. The animator (then other players) gives instructions such as “right hand on left knee”. Each player (both A and B) puts their right hand on the left knee of their partner. The next instruction may be, “left foot on right hip” and so on until the players can’t move their hands or feet any more. When the animator says “person to person”, the players change partners. The game starts again with the new pairs.

Psychosocial: to develop trust in others through the physical contact. Cooperation and concentration are necessary to understand the instructions properly (mentally, they are thinking laterally due to the left-right mirror effect).
Physical: to develop mainly balance.

The animator begins by giving easy instructions, so that the players can understand the game and manage the positions without being intimidated by the physical contact. The positions can become progressively more complicated to increase motivation.
This game requires thought, especially for the left-right complication. It is therefore better to start with very simple positions.The positions can also be funny without being difficult: “hand on nose”, “ear to ear”, etc.
Later it is advisable to replace the animator with a player, so that others can develop their skills of creativity and quick thought.
Be careful not to give instructions that are too intimate for the situation or the group, and never force players to play together if they do not want to. If the group is comfortable with it, the game will foster trust and cooperation between all the players.

-    Did you find the physical contact intimidating? Can you explain? What did you do to reduce the tension?
-    Was the game easier to play with some people than with others? Can you explain?
-    Did you find it difficult to follow the instructions? Can you explain?
-    Did you find it easy or interesting to give instructions? Can you explain?
-    Was it physically difficult? Why?
-    Etc.

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